Huaxing Capital’s 2018 annual report selection: winter season should stop

Stop in the past, selected for the 2018 annual report 丨 Huaxing Report Huaxing Capital winter season, it is best to stop in the past, and to practice quietly.

Huaxing’s annual report this year has met you again.

  For Huaxing, in 2018, not only the bumper harvest of various lines of business, but also the depth and breadth of observation and research in the new economy industry have risen to a higher level.

The “Annual Report” released at the end of 2017 has been warmly and widely praised. We cover all the annual outlets of fitness, AI, knowledge, long-term rental apartments, online education and so on.

In 2018, our reports were as usual and different.

  As always, we use the full-lifecycle service business model to achieve coverage and observation from the early to mid-to-late period to the open market. It is just a complete and true data accumulation accumulated in 13 years of service. These allow us to understand the new economy.In general, the perception of segmented industries is more scientific and timely.

Our research team not only has mature secondary market experience and methodology, but also has the sensitivity of the primary market and the ability to acquire resources, and we will do our best to replace the high-level panorama of the industry.

  What ‘s different is that in the winter, we have done a lot to update our cognition and solidify our internal skills.

  The 2018 report not only focused on big data, smart home and other private equity market outlets, but also more industries that seem to be unknown at present but have far-reaching implications in the long run.

In an industry where everyone believes that the market structure is close to the end, we put the spotlight on the empowerment of B, the water seller in the gold rush.

The reason for paying attention to the real estate industry is that the trend of massive funds is of great importance and has a great impact on the macro economy. New energy vehicles are a must-read chapter for the historical proposition that Chinese cars can overtake the curve in the world; agricultural science and technologyIt deserves to be an important representative of the slow cattle industry, which has not yet become a vent, but is of strategic significance.

  We have selected these industry reports that are valuable and often leave comments and questions from readers to share with you. I hope you will find inspiration and draw warmth.

  Relatively speaking, China’s tourism industry has maintained a strong growth trend, and the growth rate of total income has been far ahead of the growth rate of GDP and per capita income in the same period.

From 2010 to 2017, the scale of the seven years has increased in both directions, and the total income of China’s tourism industry in 2017 reached 5.

4 trillion yuan, an increase of 15 in ten years.


  The report “Customers and Goods for Online Travel” believes that the essence of all online travel is channels. There are only two things at its core. One is to master the source of travel, the other is to find the source of customers, and then match the goods with the customers.

At present, domestic online tourism’s competition on “customers” is more concentrated among existing head players, such as Ctrip and Flying Pig; the power of the new generation is concentrated on “goods” players who can open up the supply chain.

  The report believes that in the source battlefield, the next big players in the competition are the differences in user cognition, the difference in intelligence levels and service levels that are closely integrated with transactions.

In the battlefield of supply, there is no large-scale control of goods on the trading platform for the time being. Giants with large capital investment and transaction volume support should extend upstream to directly control the supply of tourism.

  The combination of entertainment and real estate currently mainly derives two types of business forms: the theme park generated by the combination of entertainment and tourism real estate, and the urban consumption-type entertainment real estate generated by the combination of entertainment and commercial real estate.

Among them, the entertainment real estate is still in its infancy and exploration stage, and neither the theme parks nor urban consumption-type entertainment projects have reached the scale and economic benefits of foreign companies of the same nature.

  The report “Cultural Real Estate, Decoding the Western World” believes that the large-scale development of entertainment real estate is jointly promoted by multiple macro and micro driving forces, which not only conforms to the trend of the experience economy and overcomes the economic cycle.

At the same time, the report deduced the development path of cultural and real estate in China from the status quo of theme parks and urban consumer industries and foreign success stories.

  The report believes that with the advent of the era of changing stocks, developers’ huge funds have begun to be invested in the operation field. At the same time, the development and operation of IP value in the entertainment industry has become increasingly mature, and the demand for realizing channels to expand the market has become stronger.

With the joint investment of developers and IP operators, the report believes that the entertainment and real estate industry is currently in a good development trend of policy-friendly, capital-friendly, and gradually abundant content, which deserves investors’ attention.

  Driven by favorable policies, the amount of data has surged, technology has matured gradually, and big data has gradually realized deep integration with the industry. It has become a new engine of economic development in the era of the digital economy, and the big data industry has entered the second half.

From the perspective of the performance of the primary market, capital continues to be optimistic about the field of pan-big data. The investment trend in the second half of the industry has shown that the rounds have increased, the amount has increased, and leading companies have continued to receive investment.

  The report “Disappearing Big Data and Ubiquitous Intelligence” introduces the ecology of the big data industry from the basic layer, the technical layer and the application layer, and at the same time analyzes each other’s domestic giants, industry leaders and high-quality entrepreneurial companies.Layout and ecology.

The report believes that in the future, big data will continue to develop rapidly along the three paths of data breadth, technical defects, and application depth: tightly supported with cloud computing, integrated development with AI spiral, and deeper integration with the industry.

  Smart home From the “smart home boom” in 2014 to the “smart home entry theory” in 2017, due to the development trend facing the industry, it has been in the “weak intelligence” stage for a long time.

In 2018, the smart home industry has developed for many years in terms of technology, sales and business models, and is about to usher in a new era. It is expected that the overall scale of the industry will be reachable in 2020.

12 trillion yuan.

  The report “Connecting the Isolated Island into the Continent”-New Changes in Wisdom, Home and Life discusses the upgrade of smart home technology, channels and ecology, as well as the competition between Internet companies and traditional home appliance manufacturers.

The report also takes Xiaomi as an example to analyze the model of smart home business model and development path.

  The development of smart homes can be divided into three phases: a product-centric single product intelligent phase; a scenario-centric interconnected intelligent phase; and a 杭州桑拿 user-centric smart home phase.

The report believes that the industry is currently in the transition period from the second stage to the third stage, and is optimistic about the innovative companies in the segmented fields and industry leaders with platform interconnection and intelligent advantages.

  Since the reform of commercial housing, the huge wealth and development opportunities of the real estate industry have concentrated on residential areas, and gradually developed real estate developers and listed companies.About 1998, commercial-owned properties built after the commercialization reform accounted for only 9 of the total commercial-owned property stock.

2%, commercial properties are mostly old properties, and there are a lot of potential needs for renovation and renovation.

  At present, China’s existing 深圳spa会所 commercial real estate sector is undergoing a process of fragmentation and integration. Commercially-owned properties scattered in various subjects and fields are in urgent need of rediscovering and integrating value.

In the process of fragmented integration, giant resource-integrated platform companies will be born, which deserves investors’ attention.

  The report “Commercial Real Estate, the Fragmentation and Integration is Coming” focuses on the analysis of commercial real estate stock market space, competition pattern and the entire industrial chain, space flow economy and business expansion of various business models.

The report points out that outstanding market participants who integrate a wide range of resource tentacles, professional pricing capabilities, full industry chain service capabilities and capital operation capabilities will be the most advantageous leaders in the future market.

  With the maturity of new energy vehicle technology, the traditional automobile industry has entered the era of innovation from the fuel age.

In developing countries, the new energy vehicle industry is strongly supported by national policies and the demand for infrastructure is gradually improving.

  According to statistics, the sales of new energy vehicles reached 780,000 in 2017, ranking first in the world, and the penetration rate of new energy and new vehicle sales reached 2.


It is estimated that from 2018 to 2020, the production and sales of new energy vehicles will maintain a high growth of about 40%. In 2020, sales are expected to reach 2.1 million units, and the penetration rate of new vehicles will reach 6.


  The report “China’s New Energy Vehicles Fighting for the New Era” discusses the market demand and industry status of new energy vehicles, analyzes the development prospects of pure electric, plug-in hybrid, and fuel cell paths, as well as traditional domestic car companies, domestic new car companies andThe competitive landscape of foreign car companies.

  The report believes that Chinese car companies have certain first-mover advantages and rare development opportunities. They have the opportunity to grow in the world’s largest and developing new energy vehicle market, and have the opportunity to occupy the global electric vehicle market.And become a car power.

  Agricultural science and technology have come from the development of traditional agriculture with the rapid progress of science and technology.

Globally, from 2014 to 2017, financing transactions in the agricultural technology sector continued to heat up.

In 2017, the agricultural technology industry attracted more than 1.5 billion US dollars of investment, more than 300 investment institutions appeared, and the number of transactions exceeded 160.

  The report “Agricultural Science and Technology: Setting off a Wave of Informationization in the Primary Industry” points out the emergence and necessity of agricultural science and technology, and the current development characteristics of overseas and Chinese agricultural science and technology industries, from agricultural drones, intelligent agricultural machinery and robots, and plant factories., The five major subdivisions of the agricultural Internet of Things and agricultural big data management system.

  The report believes that when investing in agricultural science and technology, attention should be paid to the industry’s upstream and downstream development trends, that is, the three major development trends of scale, specialization, and digitalization of the upstream agricultural sector; and the three major development trends of standardization, industrialization, and branding downstream.

Enterprises that conform to the development direction of agricultural science and technology will enjoy the bonus of the rapid growth of the industry.

  Looking at the doorway of 2019, there may be a cold and cold month before the spring, but we are willing to share the same storm with each entrepreneur.

Gather the advantages of Huaxing, take a broad view and make appointments, and accumulate thick and thin hair.

In the coming year, I hope that through a report, I will discover and explain the appearance of the air outlet earlier, judge and condense the trends and laws more accurately, and better accompany the growth of new economic enterprises.