Trick: White-collar workers deal with pressure 7

Not long ago, employees of a well-known accounting firm’s Beijing office went on strike collectively for an unfair salary system.

Analyzing the reasons, many people think that the huge working pressure is the main fuse.

The envy of high-ranking white-collar workers, under the so-called high salary, is under more pressure than the value of high salary?

     The results of a survey abroad show that high-load work, troubled computers, and annoying colleagues have made white-collar workers feel more and more stressed.

This stress makes them feel restless and upset.

White-collar workers walking in the workplace, if there are few “self-defense skills” to deal with stress, facing the boss’s face, competition from colleagues, and work tension, you are really going to be depressed and unhappy all day long, competing in the workplaceDefeated.

     The first trick to cope with stress is “stressless”. There is no stress. Remember, you must always keep a “knowledge” mind and fall in love with your work. Work naturally becomes a joy in life.

     The second skill to deal with stress is the skill of a certain skill of my “decompression weapon”, and it is easy to find the basis of “save yourself” in the workplace.

With the foundation to settle down, it is “worry-free to take office”.

     Dealing with Stress The third trick is to learn to say “No” to your boss. You must know that your energy is limited. Just say “Y” to your boss. The boss will think you have unlimited energy.

I want horses to run and horses not to graze, but the dream of all bosses.

But horses run without eating grass, what do you say?

     Dealing with pressure The 4th trick is to learn to communicate with the boss “Talk”. “Communication” is the weakness of some white collar workers.

But if the boss doesn’t know the reason for your depression at all, then it will be white if you are depressed.

The key to finding a solution is wise.

     Dealing with pressure The 5th trick is to share the pressure with those around you. When happiness is shared with others, one happiness becomes N.

When you tell your pain to a friend, one pain becomes 1 / N pain.

This principle has long been understood, right?

Go ahead and do it.

     Dealing with pressure 6th trick AQ spirit upgrade version Some things are always difficult to find the answer in black or white. At the critical moment, the self-mockery AQ spirit can get you out of the horns as soon as possible.

The workplace is like a stage. Various repertoires are performed every day. Why do you always play a leading role?

Sometimes the supporting role is better able to see up and down.

     The 7th trick to deal with stress is to do all kinds of magical decompression exercises, jumping, playing, SPA . As long as you think it is to make you happy, you can temporarily forget all the troubles, you try it.

Except things prohibited by law.