[How to make braised noodles is the best]_ making method _ home practice

At present, many regions have the habit of eating noodles, and there are various ways to eat noodles, but people in each region like it.

So how to make the best noodles?

Whether the noodles are delicious or not, in addition to the strength of the noodles, what is more important is how to make the noodles, that is, how to mix some dishes and meat will be more delicious.

There are many dishes that can be cooked, such as greens, meat, seafood, etc., so people will have a lot of choices for eating spicy noodles.

Braised noodles, with a sweet, smooth, and rich flavor, are local traditional snacks made of braised soup made from various ingredients and dough.

Divided into Zhangzhou Lumen, Putian Lumen, Quanzhou Lumen.

Now, the catering industry has included braised noodles as a famous spot.

Lumen is a gift for Zhangzhou, the southern coast of Fujian Province, and Putian, Quanzhou.

The practice of Zhangzhou braised noodles: To make braised noodle soup in Zhangzhou, you must choose good mushrooms, shrimp, pork, squid, shredded bamboo, daylily, seasoned flat fish, sandworm and tadpole, leek, bean sprouts,Pepper, sand tea sauce, garlic, shredded egg, scallops, etc.

The stewed noodle soup is preferably bone soup or broth.

Specially selected mushrooms, pork and other ingredients are poured into the soup and cooked thoroughly, then add sweet potato powder to thicken, and add some rock sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate to increase the sweet and smooth taste.

When eating, generally put some leek, bean sprouts on the bottom of the bowl, then add noodles on top, then mix with the stewed soup. Anyone like to add amaranth, egg shreds, pepper or sand tea sauce, so it tastes unique and toothy.The top stays fragrant.

It has been a thousand years since Lunian resumed in Tancheng.

Tian Lun noodles production raw materials 1, main ingredients: 400 grams of raw noodles, 100 grams of lean pork, 100 grams of fresh shrimp.

2. Accessories: 10 grams of shiitake mushrooms, 1 egg, and 20 grams of day lily.

3. Seasoning: 30 grams of cooked lard, 5 grams of refined salt, 20 grams of wet starch, 800 grams of broth, 6 grams of monosodium glutamate, 3 grams of onion, ginger, and minced garlic, sesame oil, shallots, and pepper.

In operation 1, cut the lean pork into filaments, cut the shiitake mushrooms into filaments, scoop the eggs into a bowl and break.

2. Put the wok on a hot fire, stir-fry the cooked lard, heat the onion, ginger, minced garlic and sauté the pork, shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, daylily, and boil in the broth.

Add MSG, refined salt, marinate with wet starch and add egg liquid.

3, set the wok on a hot fire, add water to boil, add cooked noodles, stir-fry and heat, put into a soup bowl, drizzle the marinade, sprinkle with sesame oil, shallots, pepper.

The dishes are golden in color, with various ingredients and delicious.

The noodles in southern Fujian have a unique flavor, which is a specialty snack in Zhangzhou, Quanzhou and other places.

Quanzhou has the custom of cooking noodles for birthdays. You can’t tear the noodles while cooking. You must cook the whole long noodles in a pot to indicate longevity.