Eat more pears in dry autumn to help you eat tender skin Autumn has come. Autumn is characterized by less rain and dry air. Unconsciously, som
Want to lower blood pressure and regulate diet 1. Diet therapy to reduce blood pressure, often take medicine porridge: ① carrot porridge: use
Addicted to TV as a child's health killer While TV brings leisure and entertainment to people, it also brings people a series of health risks, espec
The most scientific 24-hour weight loss schedule can be thinned Scientific weight loss requires long-term persistence and cannot be accomplished o
Eat too much yellow corn with your eyes In the far end, the content of cellulose in corn is very high, which is 10 times that of rice. A large amoun
Experience sharing: How does mom choose a strap? The New Year is approaching. Of course, too many New Years are walking with relatives. Would you be
Tips for eating fruits when you are sick Fruits are rich in vitamins and have a lot of fiber, which has great potential for good health. When you
Dragon Fruit and Sweet Potato Flavored Milk Drink The dragon fruit is sweet and flat, and Cantonese who have always been valued as "cool and hot" th
Favorite game for 2-3 year old baby The following mini games are favorite for 2-3 year olds. Come and try with your baby!   Folding clothes (s
What women eat for breakfast To ensure good health, breakfast must be eaten. Women are most suitable for the following 6 diets.   1. Bean